Woman With Diaper Bag Full Of Pot Tells Cops It Was A Baby Shower Gift

Detroit's Belle Isle, an island park that sometimes doubles as a track, is in the center of controversy because of increased police presence on the island. The number of arrests on the island have gone up in recent months — including one bizarre incident involving a woman speeding to a baby shower with a half-pound of… »6/04/14 10:35am6/04/14 10:35am

Detroit Councilman Championing Public Transit Found With Pot In Car

Hoo boy. Not even a week into service, and brand-new Detroit City Councilman George Cushingberry, Jr. — feel free to use any "Cush/kush" jokes you'd like — was pulled over for suspicion of drunken driving, and found riding with alcohol and marijuana. But the officer who pulled him and another passenger over let them… »1/10/14 8:57am1/10/14 8:57am

Buried Blue Gremlin Could Lead To Arrest Of Child Serial Killer

Construction workers in Michigan have potentially blown the Oakland County Child Killer case wide open after unearthing a blue AMC Gremlin while they were digging out a basement in a subdivision. The serial killer was suspected to have driven a car matching that description during his spree in the late 1970s. »8/20/13 8:38pm8/20/13 8:38pm

Michigan Supreme Court Says Medical Weed Users Can Toke Up Then Drive

It's illegal to drive while high on marijuana in Michigan. It's legal to smoke medical marijuana in Michigan. These two laws were bound to come in conflict with each other. They have, and now the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled driving after smoking pot is ok, but only for medical marijuana users. Far out man. »5/22/13 12:35pm5/22/13 12:35pm