Detroit Should Sell Art Because Why Shouldn't It, Coastal Writer Says

One recurring thing of Detroit's trip through bankruptcy court has been the local eye-rolls over coastal writers diagnosing the city's decline — the Detroit Free Press offers an occasional feature called "The truth about Detroit," battles have raged over Anthony Bourdain's portrayal in his CNN show, and even we've… »12/12/13 4:31pm12/12/13 4:31pm

Precious Art Appraised as Detroit Tries to Dig Out of Debt

A couple weeks after a state-appointed emergency manager filed a bankruptcy claim on behalf of Detroit, the world-famous Christie's auction house has been called in to begin appraising some of the Detroit Institute of Arts' permanent collection. But lest you should assume this is the sign of vultures coming in to… »8/06/13 6:57pm8/06/13 6:57pm