Detroit Is Officially Bankrupt, Judge Says

A U.S. bankruptcy judge has decided that the city of Detroit can enter into bankruptcy, about five months after the city filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. At stake is the future of pensions for thousands of city retirees and artwork in the Detroit Institute of Art worth millions. » 12/03/13 10:13am 12/03/13 10:13am

What Role Did The Auto Industry Play In Detroit's Decline?

Last month, the Detroit Free Press offered a superb explanation of how exactly Detroit went bankrupt. Today, The Detroit News is up to bat, and although their analysis is sadly lacking in .GIFs, it does share more insight on how the industry that drove the Motor City to success also drove it to failure. » 10/04/13 9:38am 10/04/13 9:38am

Why Detroit Went Bankrupt In One GIF

This straightforward GIF simplifies the long, but not-as-complicated-as-you-think story of Detroit's recent bankruptcy and counters the idea that it was always inevitable. It comes from this impressively thorough, absolutely must read story on Detroit's bankruptcy from the Detroit Free Press. Leave here and go there to … » 9/15/13 10:04am 9/15/13 10:04am

When We Say Things Like 'Blow Up Detroit,' What Do We Really Mean?

Another day, another disparaging comment about Detroit from someone somewhat important and another week's worth of outrage coming from Detroiters about how Detroit is Not That Bad. It's such a regular occurrence, you could set your watch to it. » 9/05/13 9:18am 9/05/13 9:18am

Your Idea To Sell Detroit To The Highest Bidder Is Probably Impossible

"Can (Flash-In-The-Pan Thing Here) Save Detroit?" or "This One Man..." are headlines that annoy the locals enough but thanks to the city's bankruptcy, the new trend piece of the moment is finding out who has billions of dollars laying around to rescue the city. » 7/22/13 3:51pm 7/22/13 3:51pm

We Love Detroit, Even If You Don't

Detroit is bankrupt. Does it hurt to write those words? Honestly, it doesn't. It hurts as much as ripping a Band-Aid off. Detroit is bankrupt. Detroit is bankrupt. Detroit is bankrupt. I can say it a million times, but the emotional effects are minimal. Call it being jaded, or maybe just putting your head in the sand.… » 7/19/13 9:54am 7/19/13 9:54am