There Is A Huge Industrial Fire In Windsor Right Now [UPDATE]

Firefighters in Windsor, Ontario, are battling an enormous fire at what seems to be a plastic warehouse a plastics recycling facility, a blaze that's causing vicious black smoke to cloud the city and can even be seen across the river in Detroit. » 5/21/13 4:38pm 5/21/13 4:38pm

There Is A Huge Fire At MSU's Soon-To-Be-Demolished Morrill Hall

We didn't even have enough time for a proper mourning period for Michigan State University's Morrill Hall, which is about to be torn down. It caught fire just as demolition began. » 5/15/13 7:48pm 5/15/13 7:48pm

Why You Should Go See The Documentary On Detroit Firefighters

About halfway through the harrowing documentary "Burn: One Year on the Frontlines of the Battle to Save Detroit" there's a moment where multiple shots of derelict structures are shown to accentuate one of the biggest obstacles the city's firefighters face in their job — Detroit's 80,000 vacant buildings. » 4/05/13 4:05pm 4/05/13 4:05pm